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      KY started his journey in the movement and martial arts world in 2003 as a Taekwondo practitioner.

      He attained the 1st dan black belt in the year 2008. He later found Capoeira in 2010 and had focused his training in the art ever since. Under the apprenticeship of Mestre Xuxo, KY founded the Pelo Sinal da Santa Cruz Capoeira group in Singapore.

      ​KY believes that the art should be embraced holistically, the seemingly contradictory philosophies - dance vs. martial art, trickery vs. objectivity, playfulness vs. aggression, can all be embodied within the body, heart, and mind of the Capoeirista.

      Studies and Interest

      • Capoeira
      • Shaolin kungfu
      • Taekwondo
      • Powerlifting