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      These classes are perfect for you to work with the fundamentals of fitness. The Pilates classes will target more on the basics of posture, body awareness, and core strength.

      The Strength Circuit class will work on getting your upper body and lower body stronger.

      And the Beginners Handstands class will emphasize more on the upper body and lower body flexibility

      Here is the list of online Pilates and Calisthenics classes:

      Make sure to register an account after you have purchased the online package so we can update your class credits accordingly.

      These classes will be held in Zoom; the link will be sent to you via a booking confirmation email after you book your session. There is no need to pay for a zoom account to attend the class; we have it taken cared of from our side. Please check the list of things that you need for the class below.

      Pilates Mat Plus


      A unique blend of the Original Pilates Mat exercises plus movement materials will challenge your core strength, spinal articulation, balance, coordination, or mobility. 


      A gentle work all-around your system that will improve your general strength, increase flexibility, and improve postural alignment that will decrease the risk of desk-bound related injuries.

      Who is this class for?

      This class is catered to all levels, looking for gentle but effective work with the body to improve posture and increase core strength.

      Strength Pilates Mat


      This class is a unique approach to the pilates matwork, which emphasizes full body strength development. The exercises routine will be the same every session and will be done for six weeks to ensure that the students develop proficiency in the exercises and optimally gain strength. 


      Not only does it develop your core strength and overall flexibility, but it also promotes the coordination of mind and increases body awareness as well as better muscle activation. It also improves our posture and reduces stress levels. This full-body and mind integrative workout makes it unique and the right workout choice to enhance both body and mind. 

      Who is this class for?

      This class is suitable for Pilates practitioners who want to take their practice to the next level or for starters that will need a simpler framework to learn the method. This is a multi-level class; modifications are given if the exercises are too easy or too advanced.

      Strength Circuit


      This session is one of the best ways to get the most out of your workout in a short period. A series of well-thought-out exercises of utilizing one's bodyweight get your heart racing, blood pumping, and sweat glands going.

      You will feel rejuvenated after hours of sitting and working at the desk all day.

      Exercise progressions and regressions will also be given to allow students to have maximum benefits.


      This class will give you a good base of strength and endurance. It is also a very effective session to burn those extra calories that you have consumed during late-night outs and weekends.

      Who is this class for?

      This is a perfect class if you want to lose weight, and you want to develop good overall endurance. The session will be conducted at multiple levels, benefiting everyone from a beginner, new to home workouts to the seasoned athlete doing back to back classes in a row.

      Beginners Handstands


      A class suited for those who want to begin practicing handstands. The focus will be more on foundational strength to prepare your body for an upside-down adventure.


      Handstands are great for building full-body strength and excellent for improving mind-body-space awareness. You will also develop more understanding of how flexibility can come into play for handstands.

      What is unique with this class

      The focus will be on the foundation for a handstand. The class will prepare your body from head to toe for your inversion practice.

      Who is this class for? 

      This class is suitable for beginners in handstand practice. You may need a stretch strap/long towel, blocks, wall or any supportive surface for this class.

      Precautions and contraindications

      Please ensure that you seek help from a medical professional if you have any injuries or medical conditions before joining the session.

       **All classes are not suitable for pregnant women and women who have just given birth unless they have been exercising regularly and consistently for several years and have permission from their OB.

      Things you need for the class

      Make sure that you have these items ready before the class.

      • Phone, tablet or laptop to use the Zoom App- fully charge preferably with a speaker for a better experience 
      • Chair
      • Floor space 
      • Towel
      • Water to hydrate

      Check the list below if you want to see more options for our online classes.