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      William is not the typical person that you meet regularly. A soft-spoken guy and down to earth is one of the strongest our team could have.

      You may think that he couldn’t break a pen, but he is super competitive. He has participated in rock and wall climbing competition at the elite level.

      He does obstacle course racing and just recently participated in his first SEA Games competition in 2019 as an athlete for Obstacle Course Racing representing Malaysia.

      If you check his achievements, you'll know that there’s no need to say more. We have a lot to learn from this gentleman.

      SEA Games 2019 Athlete for Obstacle Course Racing, a sport involving military-style obstacles on a racecourse.

      Many forms of dynamic movements are employed to navigate the obstacles, such as swinging, leaping, and precise catching of the ropes, rungs, and ledges on the various challenges in place.

      Studies and Interests

      • Rock Climbs
      • Obstacle Course Racing
      • Ninja Warrior and Equivalent
      • Calisthenics
      • Parkour
      • Attendee of Beyond Practice Workshop by Marcello Palazzo, an Ido Portal mentorship student.

      Studio classes