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      Michel has an unending passion for learning to improve himself and to the people around him.

      Though Michel is a Physiotherapist by profession, he decided to make a small turn in his career and ventured into fitness. He started teaching Pilates more than 20 years ago and hasn’t looked back since.

      His undeniable enthusiasm to explore, research, and teach is what sets him in his own unique space.

      Aside from being a licensed Physical Therapist, he was a competitive cyclist racing mostly in Asia and some European races, an avid wall climber, classical guitar teacher, martial arts enthusiast, a carpenter, and a child at heart… he possesses a unique combination of art, science, patience, competitiveness, playfulness, and hard work.

      If you are willing to work long term and want to understand your body coming from fine details of Pilates methodology to the general movement approach, he is the guy to go to.

      Studies and Interests:

      • Classical Guitar
      • Wall Climbing
      • Competitive Road Cyclist
      • Capoeira
      • Boxing
      • Ido Portal Movement
      • Handstands

      Michel is currently teaching Pilates classes both online and in the studio at the same time work with one to one clients. 

      Online Classes

      Studio Classes