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      What we teach in the studio is what we practice for ourselves. We don't follow trendy workouts that only gives you a short time and limited benefit and a higher risk of injury.

      These classes are tested through time and time again. We teach exercises that no matter what, these movements will always be the staple of everyone's practice.

      These are the three categories for our studio classes you can choose from.

      Pilates Classes

      - if you are just getting started with your fitness journey, and you want to work more on the fundamentals of body awareness and better your posture.

        • Pilates Mat Plus
        • Strength Pilates
        • Reformer Strength
        • Reformer Allegro
        • Pilates Ring
        • Pilates Spine Corrector
        • Roll and Stretch

        Calisthenics Classes

        - if you want to focus your work towards building strength and building muscles, these classes are the best investment you can have.

          • Calisthenics Fundamentals
          • Advanced Calisthenics 
          • Calisthenics Rings 
          • Calisthenics Legs and Core

          Movement Classes

          - if you want your body to be highly adaptable in a lot of scenarios, these classes should be your priority.

            • Movement Class
            • Capoeira
            • Handstands Fundamentals