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      In a regular fitness session, our body gets stronger and more flexible. These classes can also develop better awareness with the body, but the limitation here is it only improves the specific pattern you work on regularly.

      We need to expose our body in a more organic approach that is increasing in complexity to maximize its potential. In short, more MOVEMENT!

      In this approach, you get to challenge these essential elements our body needs to perform better.

      Your coordination, balance, reaction, body organization, and much more will be developed in these scenarios and result in a more intelligent and adaptable body.

      Here are the various movement classes that we offer in the studio:

      Make sure to register an account after you have purchased the package so we can update your class credits accordingly.

      A booking confirmation email will be sent after you book your session. Please check the list of things that you need for the class below.



      The approach of this class is towards the general movement. An Ido Portal inspired class that studies movement from all angles to develop a more intelligent body.

      This method's complexity touches on improving your strength, coordination, balance, footwork, and more.


      The students will build a different level of strength and flexibility that will be usable even if you cross over to different movement disciplines. Coordination, body awareness, and the capacity to move better overall will improve in the session.

      Who is this class for? 

      This class is suitable for those who want to veer away from regular fitness training and want to have an all in one approach to becoming more fit and move better. Beginners and advanced practitioners alike will suit well in this class.



      Capoeira - widely known as a martial art disguised as a dance, was first practiced by African slaves in Brazil. The art form that constitutes a wide range of techniques and intellectual skills is increasing in popularity among MMA fighters, martial arts practitioners, movement enthusiasts, dancers, and the fitness community. Capoeira has also played a massive role in the emergence of movement culture all around the world.


      In this beautiful community, you will develop a martial artist's skill, the fluidity of a dancer, acrobatic skills, the reflexes of a fighter, music, and much more.

      Who is this class for? 

      This class is suitable for those who want to train outside of their regular fitness training and expose themselves to a more community-oriented practice.




      The goal of this class is towards balancing on your hands upside down in the middle of the room.

      It is a step-by-step approach that will take a beginner with no experience at all to learning handstands safely. This class will cover exercises specific to developing handstand skills.

      • Preparatory exercises to improve the flexibility and strength of your wrist so it can handle the load in handbalancing. 
      • Shoulder flexibility drills to improve your efficiency and alignment in holding a handstands 
      • Shoulder and arm strengthening exercises specific for overhead support
      • Core exercises and body alignment dirlls not only to increase core strength but also to improve your awareness so you can balance upside down.
      • Coordination exercises so your body will understand the transition pattern from an upright position towards being upside down.


      Aside form you will learn this cool skill that you can show off to your friends, you will also get stronger and leaner over all, not just in the upper body.

      You'll have a lot of fun and excitement in this class that you won't even realize that you have already work on strengthening your core muscles and stretch your hip area as well. 

      Who is this class for? 

      This class is specific to those who want to achieve the free-standing handstand.


      Please ensure that you seek help from a medical professional if you have any injuries or medical conditions before joining the session.

       **All classes are not suitable for pregnant women and women who have just given birth unless they have been exercising regularly and consistently for several years and have permission from their OB.


      Make sure that you have these items ready before coming to the class.

      • Comfortable exercises attire
      • A towel is optional but good to have
      • Movement sessions will be done in barefoot, so no shoes required
      • We provide purified drinking and disposable cups, but we appreciate it if you bring your drinking bottle to protect our environment.

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