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      Leong Pek Yew, Pilates Teacher



      Leong Pek Yew teaches Pilates Matwork, Reformer. Pilates Private sessions. She is a certified Pilates Matwork, Core Reformer ( Smart Movement), Suspend ( Smart Movement) teacher.

      She started Pilates to complement her yoga practice to build strength and mobility. Gradually interested in biomechanics and gained more understanding of how to move the body intelligently and connect the body, mind, and spirits.

      Currently learning Pilates techniques and modifications for special population such as clients with lumbopelvic issues, with the guidance of a physiotherapist.

      Aside from Pilates, Pek Yew teaches yoga and is currently an adjunct lecturer for Communications in polytechnic. Sharing Pilates practice is her passion.

      “Take up Pilates as a lifelong practice. For better good posture and overall well-being, especially as one age.”

      Pek Yew is happy to work with clients with a positive attitude to learn and change their bodies through consistent practice.