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      Terence Capoeira moves
      Terence’s Capoeira journey began in 2000 with an interest group formed earlier by an expatriate and a couple of young enthusiasts.   
      As his fascination for this exotic and beautiful art form grew, the desire to learn and experience more led him to visit other Capoeira schools around the Asia pacific region as well as Brazil.
      Since then, he has trained in the styles of Capoeira Regional, Angola and currently Contemporânea under the Singapore branch of Pelo Sinal Da Santa Cruz, a Capoeira school founded and led by Mestre Xuxo.  
      Aside from Capoeira, Terence has also been involved with other Brazilian performing art forms like the Samba dance and Samba Batucada (percussion). 
      Terence is also a swimming instructor/coach by day and has worked with children, teenagers and adults  for many years in the international and local community.