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      Surbjit was in the professional career of marketing before being inflicted with a back injury. The constant pain and spasm episodes impacted her quality of life and daily movements. Upon the advice of her physiotherapist, she was introduced to Pilates to rehabilitate her injury further. 

      Being exposed to Pilates, Surbjit realized the lack of awareness and functionality within her body, which had led to muscular atrophy. That insight spurs her to undertake the journey into Pilates in 2004, exploring further the rehabilitation, strengthening, and functionality of the body from a holistic view.  

      She continued her learning curve ever since, attending workshops and Pilates Masterclass in Vancouver and focusing mainly on working with bodies, Corrective Exercises using props, tactile and imagery cues. 

      Studies and Interest:

      • Pilates Reformer and Matwork Pilates
      • Pre-natal and Post-natal 
      • Pilates for Rehab Scoliosis Sivananda Yoga
      • Eric Franklin workshop on visualizations and tactile therapy
      • Reiki and Healing therapy 
      • Vipassana Meditation 

      Studio classes