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      One of the strongest in our team, yes, don’t be deceived by his looks and joyful persona. When it comes to strength, be rest assured that Don knows what he is talking about.

      He found out about Calisthenics in 2012 and his street workout journey. His unparalleled work ethic made him achieve very high-level strength feats during his younger days, and he is improving by the day till present.

      He is a certified ACE-CPT (American Council of Exercise - Certified Personal Trainer). He has taught HIIT, Power Plates, Kettle Bells, Les Mills Barbells, and ViPRs.

      Don’s broad range of interests brought him to study more movement and is learning tricking, Pilates, Capoeira, Contemporary Floorwork, Parkour, Tai Chi, and Acroyoga.
      Very playful and high energy, it is hard to miss out on his presence in the studio. If you want to work on building strength, mobility, and general movement, he is one of the go-to teachers that we would recommend.

      Studies and Interest

      • Calisthenics
      • Ido Portal Movement
      • Capoeira
      • Contemporary Dance
      • Tai Chi
      • Acroyoga

      Don is currently teaching Pilates, Movement and Calisthenics classes both online and in the studio at the same time work with one to one clients.

      Online Classes

      Studio Classes